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lirik lagu the first (bonus track ft. yourfavouritehonky) – jmcrease


“” all these people out here acting like i ain’t the first. look, i’m not the best, of course, but i also ain’t the worst, you get me? i was making disses way before all you b*tches. “words so sharp you’ll leave the er in stitches” hahahahah. ahh, i’m dead, i’m dead. “”

(word. who is it?)

[verse 1: jmcrease]
eons ago i got into some beef;
this fat pr*ck at my school, could’ve knocked out his t**th
but instead of that i simply resorted to rap;
made a diss with ellis, that was honestly cr*p
but i kept on pushing, faced a f*ck ton of hate;
now i’m vibing out here on my flavour flade
moral of the story is keep on trying;
i’m out here tryna sing while my homies are dying

this song isn’t a diss its an ode to the game
if i die out here making songs, that’d be kind of lame
i’m set to live longer than pac, i’m that man for real
running from the ghosts of my enemies, that’s the deal

[verse 2: lil wheezus]
yeah, its wheezus in the game, you got beef? lets eat it
i’ll swallow you whole like you part of the ingredient. (part of the ingredient, part of the ingredient, part of the ingredient.)

bigger than ross, a belly twice my height
self absorbing comes in handy when you get in a fight
but im just as slim as the day that i started
on my quest to make a big bad map that’s fully charted
run around my streets putting b*tches to sleep, black ski mask and shoes, run in his house and creep
the point of this verse? to show you c*nts whats up. it’s wheezy’s final diss but i still got the plug
k!lled a yout, k!lled a dyk*, tell the story til’ its boring
don’t ask when, please ask why
yo mum still out here calling. (still out here calling, yeah she still out here calling, she still crying she still ballin’.)

wheezus out
[verse 3: yourfavouritehonky]
(oh!) (guess who’s back)
(d*mn it feels good to be back in this diss sh*t)
(i said oh!)

i’m taking it up a notch, each verse i drop is a step beyond
rapping with jmcrease and lil wheezus, we’re in a league of our own
but rufus dhiman, he wants to criticize, he thinks he’s got something to say
but jmcrease ain’t with that, he’s leaving it to me to diss you for the sh*t you said but how can i diss someone thats a walking mistake?
i could say 100 more things about you,but that would only inflate that big ego of yours
i’ll wait until some modesty occurs
i don’t meant to be rude,i’m just playing dude
i’ll go back to when i back rapping the same plain sh*t in my backyard
used to think i wouldn’t go far

i think its time to step up my game
but everyone out here is just playin’ the same
old flow, same old rhymes
it’s time to bring some fire and leave these b*st*rds behind
i’m tired of these wack ass rappers, thinking they’re the best
but when it comes to spitting bars, they’re just spitting a bunch of mess
so step up your game, or get left behind
who’s gonna reign supreme?, oh it’ll be me every d*mn time!

[verse 4: jmcrease]
that’s right its a rufus diss, the second thing i ever wrote
back then, i was a loser, now wheezus rented out a boat
even if i die, we still remain as the goat
fortified my castle too soon, full water in the moat
don’t sub me in a song, just come up and talk
you got an issue, speak to me * if not, go take a walk
one call up on my phone and you’ll end up scammed
my homies take all of your sh*t, like it was prison controband

“you spend too much time writing, focus on your grades”
being a rapper, capper, trapper, you right that ain’t my fate
leave it to kieran or wheezy, i’m retiring from the game
jmcrease may be dead, but you’ll remember the name