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lirik lagu black wholaguns – joe black


[verse 1: joe black]
it’s operation shutdown, i’m back up in the scene again
full speed ahead, i’m back up on my greaze again
with w*h*o*l*a*g*u*n
i said “we had to link up”, he said “tsn”
real n*gga music, this ain’t no counterfeit
listen to me if you wanna know how to spit
listen to me if you wanna know how to hustle
i turn one into two so i’m counting double
p*ssies say they’re looking for me, i’ma let ’em know
more time you can catch me on ess*x road
and if you step into my circle then you better know
we let the metal blow, the straps ain’t just there for show
nah don’t p*ss me off
i was hustling before i ever heard of ricky ross
realionaire, i’m a certified izzy boss
world records cream block, we got the city locked

[chorus: propane]
black trackies, black gloves, black hoodies up
when the beat’s fully on, you better pull it off
get caught slipping, n*ggas slap two in him
that’s t

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