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lirik lagu inseparable – joe budden


(feat. mela mach-nko)

[intro – joe budden (talking) w/ sample playing in background]
let the sample ride
dim the lights in this motherf-ckin booth

[verse 1 – joe budden]
if i had a choice, i rather my higher power decide to take me first (why?)
i think the other way around would only make me worse
rarely was i ever trusted without the suspicions
and very few could ever love me without some conditions (hey!)
those the ones i care to treasure, ones i wouldn’t dare sever
a bunch of my peers efforts been fair weather (if the)
if the deaf got great vision and a blind man could hear better
figured since i lost all my senses that i would fair better
i’m not the social type, nothin about him socialite
designed the prototype, how to unlove overnight
flip side, i die for my n-gg-z, put it the simplest
you give me your all and i’m a send it back with interest
this for my n-gg-z that’ll help me before i suggest it
i’m just tryin to send the flowers before you congested
the man in fact that i’ve become y’all had a hand in that
and i’ll give y’all the world but i’m sure that y’all would hand it back

[chorus – mela mach-nko – w/ ad libs]
we will never be apart
it’s like two bodies, livin with one heart
together like a lock and key
without you, there is no me
things will never be the same
if you ain’t here with me, i couldn’t see
livin another day
wherever you go
you know that i’m goin with you (with you)
with you (with you), with you
you know that i’m goin with you (with you)
with you (with you), with you (with you)

[verse 2 – joe budden]
i mean, ..she was on the phone tryin to sound relaxed (what?)
but the words comin out her mouth ain’t have the sound to match (nah)
voice tremblin as if you were barely holdin on
meanwhile tryin to be strong to protect your second born
sh-t was scary to me
if somethin happened to you, it’ll happen to us, like i’m livin vicariously
i seen your life flash, right past, my reaction buried deep inside
if you go, they’ll have to bury me alive
how would i survive? f-ck ’em mom you meant more
life coach and mentor, just a grim thought makes my skin crawl
single mother, held it down when my pop was locked away
cried every time i gave my mom a gift on father’s day (talk to ’em)
but i’ll be there for you, like you was there for yours
as she was layin, decayin, all her days spent prayin (uh)
gospel music playin (uh)
a few days from death but always felt us on our way in, we was like her safe haven (ah!)
you always thought you were her least favorite child
only sibling that showed up to at least make her smile
at least make her proud, not an obstacle that’s too hard
true stars strive to be half of the person you are
ain’t never neglect, so i’ll forever respect
i more than owe my life to you, i’m forever in debt, check
i mean my mother got cancer in her neck
but i’ll be right behind you every step, what the f-ck did you expect?

[chorus – w/ ad libs]

[verse 3 – joe budden]
i’m like, d-mn, how you always know better than me?
amazes me when you show me what i never could see
so the break up never really was a plan to me
in retrospect, i think i was complacent with insanity
we were so exhausted, bored with, tortured
but since i couldn’t picture my life without you, i fought it (like what?)
like we could get through anything, it’s too much pride in us
better off without each other, i’d have been deprivin us
at times you see people in ways you shouldn’t portray ’em
’cause they ain’t livin up to a t-tle you shouldn’t of gave ’em
head shot, pointblank range, committed murder
honestly thought i couldn’t move on, then went further
used to want to see you suffer for that pain you caused
now when i see you gain, i applaud
what i’m tryin to say is (what?), don’t complain about your path and where it took you
’cause you might end up with somebody to sing this hook to

[chorus – w/ sample playing until the end]