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lirik lagu now i lay – joe budden


i’d like to welcome everybody, to the padded room

[joe budden]
uh, pump it up, you came to get it crunk
a dame to get her drunk, you came to get it on
that’s when it all got started (i mean)
back then i wasn’t so cold-hearted (c’mon)
with every stanza came an extravaganza
for every question he got one less answer
i was tryin to be more than cool
now it was before that, maybe boardin school
that was back when i would wanna danger myself
maybe it was just to entertain myself
i don’t need help, i could change myself
f-ck y’all, i ain’t gotta explain myself
just around the corner, i can hear footsteps
then we can get on the only n-gg- in the hood left
so child that ain’t listenin ain’t mine
for 28 years been a prisoner of the mind am i

[chorus: joe budden]
now i lay me down to sleep
(and i) i pray the lord my soul to keep
(if i) if i should die before i wake
(then what?) i pray the lord my soul to take
(i mean) now i lay me down to sleep
(and i) i pray the lord my soul to keep
(if i) if i should die before i wake
i pray the lord my soul to take

[joe budden]
look, welcome everybody into greater of self but claim center
even when he can win that n-gg- won’t surrender
bull’s fault, put the wheels in motion
i felt every emotion except devotion
message in a bottle in the bottom of the ocean
but i can’t swim, d-mnit i can’t win, uh
so i don’t care how you rate me
it’ll take a long time to evaluate me
so if, this be the last time you hear me (n-gg-)
just know i got a loved one near me (n-gg-)
please don’t cry, let her eye get teary
a n-gg- good, finally i’m somewhere care-free
past is frightenin but the future’s scary
and i’m, gettin to the point that i fear me
in a cl-ss all alone, don’t compare me
but i, blame god, this is where he steered me
i mean


[joe budden]
look, they tell me the eyes is the windows to a man’s soul
what you happen to see a n-gg- can’t con-trol
… and i’ve turned a deaf ear
to any n-gg-, anybody that’ll get my head clear
why shake the dice if you never gon’ roll ’em?
i told ’em that the straight jacket can’t hold him
i ain’t psycho, don’t belittle me now
it’s just a t-tle cause they couldn’t figure me out
if you give a d-mn when sh-t hits the fan
please know anything i ever did a n-gg- planned
tryin to better, high as ever
as i learn how to lie to a lie detector
still i’m damaged
say if you stay in that boat long enough you see where the land is
so i’m right where i need to be
please believe it, believe it please
let’s get on our knees


[outro: joe budden]
one mo’ ‘gin, c’mon…
follow me, let’s go
one mo’ ‘gin, ohhhh!
mic check one-two one-two
can anybody hear me?
soul to keep, if i should die before i wake
i pray the lord my soul to – uh
follow me c’mon, uhh, yeah