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lirik lagu kevin doesn’t know (honest wine, zero crime) – joe caine


los santos vine company
joe caine
made this instrumental myself
blood, sweat and tears and wine
grapes, lots of em’
god it would suck to be yung dab and the lean boys, f-ck you
this is for the real boys
otto and kevin
los santos

lotta people in this world don’t know a lot of things
but it’s kevin who don’t know that his boss a king
kevin doesn’t know the wines not important
i’ve been selling blow, and i will until my court date
joe caine keeps the real biz on the down-low
honest wine, zero crime kevin doesn’t know
selling seven bricks, 100 grams no flex fo sho
so add that to the list of things that kevin doesn’t know
i’m slinging dope
ask me for a dollar, answers no
i’m selling blow, go f-ck yourself detective snow
i’m selling all the magic candy for the nose
so add that to the list of things that kevin doesn’t know
hawaiian shirts
f-ck with us you in the dirt
popping bottles of wine we makin’ motherf-ckers hurt
f-ck yung dab, i did this sh-t in one take
your whole f-cking life and rap career it’s f-cking fake
who doesn’t know? that’s kevin that’s fo sho
and add him to the list of people whom ill never k!ll yo
knock, knock it’s the motherf-cking feds
show up at the door like that you bound to end up dead
feel this flow, snort my blow
gettin’ lit with joe in the back
kevin doesn’t know
his life’s about to change
cuz he’ll be moving 20 bricks of c-ke for joe caine
no pain, no shame, sh-ts insane
gold watch
who’s to f-cking blame?
and by the way
f-ck you lang