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lirik lagu touch of heaven – joe moses


[verse 1: joe moses]
i’ve been gone for a minute, now we back in
50 minutes, 10 songs, [?] back in
1000 hairstyles, put a track in
tat my name on your body, i’m your vaccine
who you loving? who you wanna be f*cking?
[?] house, catch a vibe, i’m with beezy and justin
pent house, back to my house
[?] my mouth
miami weeks let her chill, she on time out
we was bringing all the diamonds, can you fly out?
she been tryna make a 10, baby, try out
[?] like a beach, you can ly out
down south, got a body of a goddess
we f*ck one time, ask her “did i do the job?”
if i went down south, ask her “how was the top?”
she a westside hotty, used to like [?]
get your passport stamped, we can fly to jamaica
if she acting likе she taken, she a [?] in thе making
[?] can’t wait to see her naked
last n*gga left for vegas, 40,000 for a bracelet
50,000 on the new wardrobe, plus perses
if you like her how you say, you better buy your b*tch a birkin
if i like it how i say, imma spend it, n*ggas hurtin
blow a bag if she worth it
[verse 2: joe moses]
i been gone for a minute, now we back right
[?] for lunch, if she act right
heard you know my n*gga lucci, you know act right?
them b*tches never say the real, it’s never facts, right?
imma send you down to [?], get your tracks right
50,000 on them shoes, get your sacks right
my lil new york b*tch keep her [?] tight
every nail shop know i got my sack tight
last night problems ain’t today’s, got too many baes
if i hit her from the back, then we never split [?]
if i eat it from the back, she be trippin for some days
last time i got played, but n0body ever hurt me like [?]
super freak, body small and petite
ride d*ck like a pony, plus her head was a beast
went to college just to studdy, but a freak in the sheets
a real woman to me