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lirik lagu 3:06 – joel bryant



hey i met you tonight
you are sooo cute , oh my god
i hope you remember me
you’re soo cu-cute
you hit it off right away
i loved your shirt
and i think you’re so funny
and i really like
i’ve never felt that kinda
chemistry before
we both have the same intrest in ho-ho’s

verse one :
lost in a cup
shouldn’t be drinking , don’t give a _
dealing with the brokenness
frozen still , motionless
always seem to have
commotion going on inside of my head
never seem to have the same girl in my bed
never seem to stay on the same sh-t too long
my happiness never last forever
but i still try to stay calm
still keep keeping on
focus on the music
its what gets me through sh-t yeah
easy to be a lone wolf when it’s all you’ve known
but once you find that company
its hard going back to being alone
looking at my phone
hopping for a text back
but it’s clear that you just took a step back
maybe i should too
been following the l-st
and not what’s right
that’s probably why
that’s probably why
trust ain’t tight
looking for redemption
but i can’t even find affection

i hope that
you know
you know
that everything’s good
but i hope you have a great
friday night
you deserve a great weekend
and um call me
email me
fax me
page me
you have all my contact information
can’t wait to hear from you soon

verse two:
been holding back from nothing
but holding back from everything
love hits the floor
like bottles in the club
pain in my eyes, that i try to cover up
guilt beneath the shame
and im the one to blame
can’t get right
i’ve been running i’ve been trippin
i’ve been acting so damm different
used to be a loverboy
then heartbreak changed me
the good inside my heart has seem to escape me
don’t know how to love
don’t know how to trust

i should just go back to sleep
looking for what i want
instead of what i need

keep on falling for these model types
sh-t don’t never last
cause they only want hype
only want likes
stuck in high school when they 25
playing games gets old
when fake love unfolds