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lirik lagu dr0wn!ng (r3$urg3nc3) – joey the dreamer


look at me now, yeah b*tch, look at me now
thought i was down for the count
you should know better by now
counting me out a mistake for the reckless and wild

never back down, told you i’ll never back down
told you i’m here for the crown
not for the crowd
not for the cheers and the jeers and the laughs
or the cash and the smiles

this is my art, this is my heart on a page
this for the lost and enraged
this for the kids in the dark
that would often get lost in the rain
lost in their pain

f*ck what they think, f*ck what they say
i’m an achiever, i’m a believеr
f*ck what they think, f*ck what they say
i’m an achievеr, i’m a believer
joey the dreamer

where are my friends, guess they got lost in the wind
where do i even begin, where is my fam
guess they do not give a d*mn
or they look down on me
thought they’d be proud of me
thought they’d look out for me
now i sit sourly in my room cowardly
writing bout dreams i have yet to achieve
what do you mean?

where’s my support?
can’t f*ck with love that is forced
dolo, i show up to court, been out of work
buick got taken of course
now that’s just making it worse

i ain’t got no way to pay for a phone
and so i’m alone, just praying this works
days that it hurts
i put my anger inside of a page and escape it and bursts

death is a thought, and i am a dangerous flirt
keep me away from the skirt, music it heals
it gives me something to feel, kinda like s*x for the soul
closing a hole that is real

i’ma keep opening up
i’ma keep flowing with zeal
i’ma keep showing these motherf*ckers
i ain’t stopping til’ everyone notice i’m ill

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