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hyperpop experiment - joeyy & marlon dubois lyrics


[verse 1 : joeyy]
i don’t need your approval
sketch me out you’re a doodle
i’m in search of the grace and you google
we can pay your price i’m not frugal

[verse 2 : marlon dubois]
i knew how you talk, i will never understand it
this seems like a lot i don’t know if i could handle it
i get what i want that’s a theory of the privilege
goals far away but i see em from a distance

[verse 3 : joeyy]
i apologize i’m not consistent
when i pray they have my size in the christians
wait until we ? was the syrup didn’t miss it
i’m a pharmacy i got pills in my system

[verse 4 : marlon dubois]
honestly i can be so rude
honestly i just think your’e not cool
monopoly i gotta pay my dues
just dressed lightly they afraid of my shoes

[verse 5 : joeyy]
it’s only 1 team it’s no way that we’ll lose
i’m in irt 6 green with the blues
i’ll make this play like a song
this glock it bang like a gong
can’t pr*nounce this shirt i got on
this cup got me turnt like a blonde
[verse 6 : marlon dubois]
i don’t wanna be caught in the wrong place
i’m a good man but sometimes i have the worst days
high fashion but i’m not high paid
i’m bent but i cope with no shame
i’m stressed but trust me it’s ok
i’m feeling so burnt crème brûlée

[verse 7 : joeyy]
i’m fried my mind is flambé
i hope i don’t macerate
if you were to pay i can tell you the meaning
you are now tuned in to the copelow
hope you enjoy your stay this evening

[verse 8 : marlon dubois]
i do things that i find appealing
how does it feel one way to find out
i’m telling you the truth, i dont think you really hear me
you look in the mirror while i’m looking at the ground
don’t wanna re*create a single thing i do
it’s 1 am but that doesn’t mean a thing to you

[verse 9 : joeyy]
i’m in harlem with marlon
we eat goblins like we’re starving
you are not real you’re just larping
we are outside but you’re in your apartment
ha ha ha haaaa

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