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lirik lagu 1000 days – john gilmour smith


tell my daughter not to cry
when she goes to school i’ll be there by her side
tell my mother i’ll be ok
promise that i’ll call her everyday

try to smile, i’ll take a photograph of you tonight
i’ll see you in a thousand days
for a while i’ve got to finish someone else’s fight
i’ll see you in a thousand days

there’s a bomb going off outside
i’ll keep my head down when i’m out tonight
i lost another good friend today
but i’m coming home, not matter what you say

i don’t mind cause you’re waiting for me right at home
i’ll see you in a thousand days
i’ll be fine, i’ve got your photograph to keep me warm
i’ll see you in a thousand days

for all i care this could be anywhere, there’s sand in my eyes and there’s dirt in my hair
but all i want to do is get back home to you
there’s a man in a suit tells me who to shoot and i’m so confused that i can’t compute
so i pull the trigger one time, two times, three times
suddenly i’m on the ground, i can see the sky but i can’t hear a sound
the only thought inside my head is you
but in spite of my situation i can still use imagination
and i’m home, home, home with you

it was quiet when we moved outside
he was waiting for me with the devil in his eyes
i’m so sorry that i let you down
you never guess your time is coming round

please don’t cry, i’ll be waiting on the other side
i’ll see you in a thousand days