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lirik lagu 17 birthday – johnnascus


it’s my 17 birthday yeah
celebrate it on a thursday yeah
people say it’s the worst day ahh
but to me it’s the best day
but no! just kidding i don’t celebrate it
ahh birthdays are so overrated
woaah look at the world we created
now everyone thinks that they are special
why would i even celebrate the first day of alive
when on the same day he, she and they have already committеd suicide
all you fake loving owners gеt away from me
i will bark and chomp your fingers off if you try to touch me
get away (x3)

grand return to the dark side of nature at seventeen
take my spleen, grind it up
use it as your special cream
but you’re the mortal type
and i’m the immortal like
and i will take this world
and i will take it’s light
your birthday’s a waste of breath yeah
cutting off your flimsy head yeah
celebrate to your stupid death