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lirik lagu 19 birthday – johnnascus


i don’t like this dream
i must wake up
f*ck this life
i’ll break out the prison of time

# 1 9
i am 19
wasted another year made no change
i’ve only made some change
guess im grown
living on my own
thanks to gi bill
cause really i, am so bl**dy broke
anxiety still
got me by the neck
can’t be like “f*ck it f*ck it”
cause i
overthink all the time
wanna leave the old me
put him to the crows
wanna k!ll myself
to regrow
anything to break the cycle
the cycle of habits, cyclе of habits

muhf*ckin everything
that i wanna be mеntally
is the opposite of me currently
and it’s been like this since i was 15
i like the thoughts of it but take no steps
but when i do, i just back track
or i just go around and around (repeated)

f*ck this predetermined life
i need to move forward (x2)
i just need to move forward
f*ck the voice in my head, i’ll control it

if i cannot break the cage
i’ll end it all
if i cannot break the cage
i’ll end it all
i am 19 and i must grow
breakthrough on my own