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lirik lagu 4 box square – johnny clegg


nothing on the western front
nothing at all
nothing on the eastern side
n-body to call
nothing in the northern end
nothing to send
nothing on the southern bend
not a friend
this town is nothing but 4-box square
oh, i’m looking for someone with a life to share

no bird in the tree singing free
no dog barking at something that he doesn’t see
no smile for me when i p-ss your way
no clouds floating on a summer’s day

ubani ngahlala kanjena
who can live like this
baze bakhala obaba noma
even the old peopel ask this question
wolala wolala bayadlala bahemu wema
wolala, wolala, the young men dance on

no bling-bling, no shining thing, no money to pay
no phone ring, no talking, nothing to say
moon and sun pulling each one
turns night to day
i’m ready to leave this place
on my compus i see your face
in the morning i will see your smile
i will save my life
gotta go now, gotta go now