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lirik lagu 13 – jojo chamberlain


what you mean you comin over?
i mean you can… just dont think you bout to lay there
you ain’t bout to play

hit my line when you want
take my time when you want
i ain’t gon wild, i ain’t gon front
just don’t play with me
come over when you want
when we can chill when you want
any day, any month
just don’t play with me
just don’t play with a n-gg- like me
just don’t play with a n-gg- like me

i had gucci on my pants but we all know that
i can’t stop until my money resemble something like kodak
if i’m steady dodgin 12 then i might hit a 40 4-flat
i am not these other n-gg-s, i’m moving like a nomad
so baby -ssume the position
it ain’t rules in this pimpin
i move like comet cupid vixen in other words baby i’m blitzin
in other words girl i make it rain dear
these n-gg-s is livin so lame here
my vision is vivid they plain here
i’m putting the n-gg-s to shame here
she the bonnie to my clyde yea and she hold the nine and she finna take that time for me (2x)


[outro] wilt would be so proud may 4th. we bout to change richmond. jojo