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lirik lagu summer is over – jon mclaughlin


summer is over

autumn never seemed this cold before
here i am sleeping on the floor
we changed just like the leaves
outside my house
and my phone lay silent by the couch

i remember june
back when i met you
and your eyes were green
and we were, too

but summer is over
we were tangled in the morning sun
felt you getting colder
and we knew that we would come undone
it’s back to my town, back to your life
gray skies are blowing a kiss goodbye to the lovers
summer is over

i can still see your silhouette
in the white hot sand
still feel my ring on your hand
the clock was always ticking down
behind that gl-ss
singing “love, be good while you last”

but we both knew
what we were getting into
the things we said
sounded true

the distant innocence
we are leaving far behind
your last words will be burning in my mind
in the winter time

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