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lirik lagu soon will fade – jonny diaz


everybody’s talkin’ ‘bout the new sensation
everybody’s claiming it’s the next big thing
and i am always quick to fall for that temptation
yeah i’m the first in line for the grand opening

everyone’s predicting it’ll sweep the nation
saying if you try it it’ll blow your mind
and though there’s nothing wrong with chasing innovation
you’re the only one that’s ever changed my life

we are living in a world that longs for change
cause we’re all searching for a love that will remain
yeah the day will come when we’ll see love and its beautiful face
but we’re all living in a world that soon will fade

everybody’s looking for a true contentment
searching for some pleasure that will last them awhile
but all that’s left inside is guilt and strong resentment
this world only provides a temporary smile

(…that soon will) fade away with stars and the moon
‘til there’s only love and truth