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lirik lagu 40 winks – jonwayne



[verse 1]
i can feel my dreams
crossing into daylight
you know the warm breath of summer nights
can kill a playwright
it’s either play nice to live long
or die short to live on
they tell each other stories
but we know who wore a clip-on

scribbled in their wig
while tripping sh-t up in a wigwam
kicking cans and b-sses
while these candy–sses grip on

but you don’t speak for knowledge
you have problems you should listen to
but this is just your way of sidestepping
aw, you’re miserable

look, i can’t tell you sh-t
i just regurgitate my worth in here
maybe to the clever one
you percolate the earth in here

i don’t have the answers
i’m just swaying to the breeze out here
dying in the shade
these sons are tryna get a raise from you

but when exactly does complacency
become a purgatory?
stories from one thousand dull men
is one story

yeah, i read it every day, read it every night
i speak word for word when i kill the light

stay up out my game and out my vision
get up out my lane and out my business
i can feel the fame with my religion
waking up like “god, do i forgive ’em?”
eating good and sleeping well my wishes
40 winks now can i get a witness?

[verse 2]
throwing in the towel
you should get your cap and flippers on
you don’t need to tell me
what i’ve already been tripping on

i can see for days what i need to say
you been sleep for days; you been in your way
i don’t need to do a d-mn thing

you been dancing ’round your fade—a d-mn shame
you been making declarations
and some paper airplanes

where’s the work? where’s the alb-m? where’s the tour?
why you babbling on twitter about some problems
that you never had before?

what’s the outcome of your static?
or the—
hat to your rabbit?
or the—
plans to become more than a fragment of a habit?

you’ve been gone for too long
i’ve been taking care of things
i’ve been working (“in your dreams”)
i’ve been working on my dreams!

i’ve been collecting my things
from the hair of these people
who didn’t take me for serious
i’m serious, delirious

you need to sit on down
‘for i stand you up
what must i do right
to get you to shut (up)?

[chorus (interfered)]

[verse 3]
i got — big dreams
suitable for a king, i mean
suitable for a {?}
suitable for a sleeping man?

yeah, i was catching z’s
your dreams were catching hands
you know ‘the f-ck i mean
like you’re the f-cking man?

like you’re so righteous, man?
like all you do is plan?
you know your angel and your devil
and they’re holding hands

they’ve been in bed since you
were dozing off that promise land
but i’m back with a vengeance
also, can i get a witness?

40, 40, 40 winks on my wishlist
but i’m here awake
went from good to great
when i rock the tape
never rocked the bells
but i rock a face
spit a fifth of blood
i block out the shade

put my pachelbel (yeah) out the way
blasting anybody from out my way
it’s like: how i’m ill? lemme count the ways
lemme count the bills. lemme count the cake

lemme cut the chord. lemme strike a chord
lemme show you rappers how a mic is held
and you writers how a rhyme is dealt
all you trappers walk ’round with trapper keepers

i’m not just words
watch me cut and serve
i’m a f-cking king
with vernacular