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lirik lagu 1990 (early version) – jordaan mason


let the stove get hot: we need heat
she walks on her hind legs to share her disease
i can’t make dinner properly
you are a girl with a c*ck? i am a boy who can’t talk?
heat the *n*lphabet soup to grind the little things out of you
we share the kitchen table and vomit the newspaper
back & forth
but can i talk to you?
i’d like a word with you!
(let’s invent a whole new language)
divorce lawyers i shaved my head; she shaved her head
―we are new
she said she had a dream about me
where we both had the right bodies
and i take pancake mix into the sheets
but i can’t make breakfast with all these weeds
standing near the window, she pulls her pants down a little
and says: “do you see where i used to be a boy?”
i say: “i’ve had it in my mouth
i swallowed the evidence down”
she panics and says:
“this is all i have in my hands—
i want to f*ck and forget who i am
i want to f*ck and forget who i am”
i’m trying to iron you out flat from me
but no amount of hot water can get me clean