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lirik lagu 18 lord ambition – jordeezy


lord of the trap gunna rap like it’s my job ima about

to rob you can’t stop me from being the best you all
stressed out you messed with lorddeezy you about

to suffer from my doom i be coming out the tomb like

a zombie you h-lla sloppy n-gg- you tryna copy my style

meanwhile i be looking senile y’all crooked smile that bullet

it’s gonna shatter your skull b-tch boy you not in my level

i’m the true devil they call me general of rap i’ll be like that

bat that sucking off your blood i struck you with that wire

i’m taking over the empire cause i’m lord of rap im about to

destroy your crew in war i’m hardcore in this great of depression

i be seeing my reflection about to win my streak you speak

like you got sh-t popping i be wrecking the studio i be

dropping dem missiles i got that chemical to make this explicit

they gave me a limit cause i’m too overpower i be on top

of the tower i got too much power i devour emperor y’all gonna be my servers years i be

murdering the fake rappers i be on my next move you always tryna prove you the sh-t

i spit dope sh-t i’m about to smoke them blunts i broke y’all jaw i be making y’all heads hurt

figured you be the type to hate i gonna make your headache worse motherf-ckers my

powers be killing y’all for years now you wanna act all

innocent crushed y’all like ice slice y’all thin going on a mission

boy it’s lord ambition rippin then records yeah i’m 19 but i still gunna talk that talk

tossing that tomahawk i he on that backdrop drop this beat hot i be flaunting your girls p-ssy

you just a n-gg- that still started from the bottom i be making y’all

silent my sh-t mad violent test me p-ssy boy don’t try it

y’all know i get busy

out psychos verse 2

yo yo
out psychos still here, so ain’t no fear
but beware of this sincere lyricism that’s severe
enough to tear yo -sses to smithereens
brutally severing emcees so need for them guiltiness
cause im capable enough to mentally corrupt
each one of yall hating -ss f-cks till my inner volcano erupt
apart of that im the illest-sickest lyrcist
bloodspillin carc-sses till theres non left but ashes
im the ambition of this incision, envisiong sickest visions
with the quickest decision to decompose compositions
my debut alb-ms been released
still underappreciated like the deceased
deep down its an obscure masterpiece
that’ll makes me elevate lyrically just to ease
every piece of my psyche cause im bout to unleash these
lyrical feces thats fatalisically venomous
so force feed em to the m-sses’s -sses till it reaches they cancerous cells
and of each fetus’s p-n-s like ritualistic circ-mcisions
ripping motherf-ckaz intestines to shreds
like some unknown versions of this same verse
and ain’t no stoppin me till ill go totally insane
and berserk enough to blow torch a c-ckroach’s poach through a window pane
cause out psychos the lord amibition of this motherf-ckin pain
evil enough to blaspheme anything on earth just to self entertain
weather across black skies over the rain or on terrain …