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lirik lagu “stay real” – jordeezy


ya n-gg-s know i always stay real on feed her like she my meal/
gonna reveal myself as a wealthy motherf-cker ya some suckers/
gon be in this industry forever gon be spending that treasure on that gold chain/
it’s gon rain on ya f-ckers i got lovers for days i blaze thru the city wit 50 mils in my coop/
i be that troop gon be savage as f-ck ya make me sick like that stomach bug gon struck ya like lightning/
gon be driving wit yo girl gettin low to my d-ck ya some basic n-gg-s wit that plastic life/
gon be alive with that gold check never forget i’m gonna make ya n-gg-s sweat ya life out/
the crowd know i stay real gon steal that throne back ya got that wack zone gon get blown out like a blow dryer/
gon be makin money more then the bank gon drank that last shot like its my last time breathing she love freaking for a real boy/
gon be old school like a game boy ima destroy your life to the max making big -ss racks you the rats that stealin them cheese/
ya some p-ss-es be smoking them real trees gon be takin them panties n keepin em like a trophy for being a swagged up n-gg-/
i be that king of the jungle ya typical f-ckers think ya gon be droppin the world on me got that money in my mind i grind hard/
got that black card gon leave marks on that skull boy i got more clips than i whips got no limit on these hoes i expose ya for the worst/