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lirik lagu 5. onyx – joseph cook


[verse 1: joseph cook]
candlelit drinking and windows becoming the sign of the lonely
only see the world through the gl-ss
and when the weather looking bright i pray a storm boutta p-ss
so being couped up’s valid if somebody ever ask

find the glamour in a dinner for one
cause even when you smile you still wanna break the ice
learned to love the moon you share a hate with the sun
cause when you looking at the glow you feel the others in the night

sh-t stay indifferent with days that be changing
my confiding prison i’m safe where it’s hated
the guards don’t be knocking but outside too wicked
so why should i leave when the screens be so distant?

this ain’t the world that i knew
these ain’t the fruits that i searched for
decor clad cell what i’d leave it just to hurt for?

the fly in my house like the high of day
and if our eyes ever meet we’d be feeling the same
he trapped in this b-tch like he being confined
but the window wide open still living inside

(and i’m lonely by the hotel hotline
but i might not answer if you hit my line)

[verse 2: thelocalmilkman]
you can, check into my hotel
any godd-mn time you want
we don’t have no receptionist so i’ll check you in myself

and if you call that hotline
and a voicemail is what you find
just know, that i ain’t pick up the line
’cause i was too busy calling mine