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lirik lagu drunk & confused – josh dwh


it’s like i don’t even know what to do anymore

sometimes i wan’ hit you up but i don’t
i wanna tell you that i miss you but i won’t
all these feelings that i tend to hide get to catching up
all the sparks that we had flying are no longer matching up
sh-t is sad cause i be thinking ‘bout you all the time
i was never yours, you was never mine
i can’t believe that i was blind
ignoring all the signs, just heavily on my grind
you see while i was at a show
she was putting one on
she think that i be writing women while i’m writing a song
she feel like she don’t even know me
said it’s been so long
since she trusted someone with her heart
they all did her wrong
i admire all your pain and i see you going through it
but the lessons that you learn, will have you growing through it
i admit it, having someone around is so new to me
cause i enjoy my solitude, i’ll open up for you to see
back and forth, forth and back with the arguing
way too much drive to be worried ‘bout who’s car you in
heart up on my sleeve, i wear it proud on my cardigan
you say that we be over ’til you hit me up to start again
drinking straight from the bottle like there’s a message in it
really ain’t no reason for me to be acting stressed and timid
you was there while i was writing my songs
while i was writing my wrongs
and now you tryna move on?
i admit you got me tripping i’ve been thinking a lot
i admit that i’ve been sipping i’ve been drinking a lot
figure that i pull up on you
get to shooting my shot
then i see your ex’s car just to thicken the plot
whoa now
should i stay or should i go?
is it yes or is it no?
it’s hard to balance out a flow
cause it’s always closed curtains when feelings begin to show
i gotta fall back
just so i can protect my energy
i’m feeling quite bitter plus i’m mixing that with hennessy
when it’s all said and done i hope that you remember me
cause you was way more than simply being a friend to me
i expect too much that’s why they always p-ss
i like to rush into l-st that’s why i always smash
soon as the weed get crushed, it’s like i move in fast
my heart starts racing then i crash hoping this’ll last

every time i try, i get to asking why?
should i speak my mind? or should i let this fly?
i thought that you was the one
you even could’ve had my son
but we was far from a match
so you went and detached
and now its hard to relax

i gotta get myself together
this is nothing surprising
sometimes things might never work out all because of the timing
i’m a firm believer that if you let it go, it’ll double back
at least if it was meant for you, if not that’s where the troubles at
be careful when you go share yourself
i hope that you take heed and go and prepare yourself
not every man’ll have the same heart as me
just wait a couple months and i promise that you’ll start to see

every time you try, you get to asking why?
should you speak your mind? or should you let this fly?
you thought that i was the one
you even wanted my son
but we was far from a match
so i went and detached
and now its hard to relax