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lirik lagu 5 – josh forehead


[intro: josh forehead]
can i slide
ah yeah

[verse 1: josh forehead]
i dream about this every night
got the kooks on my iphone
and i keep playing west side
so in love with the vibe
no girl not your type, i’m a demon in disguise
my scars deeper than your lies
i really wonder if you really know now that i am not a nice guy
f-cked it up so many times
running off in the night, red eyes, red eyes
loose faith in the morning
i never cry when they going
the sun sets and the sun rise and the world keeps on going
that’s why i’m living in the moment
disregarding my opponents
fake friends they can f-ck off
not too many n-gg-s focused
words playing on my conscience
forget about it like its nonsense
but i know that’s its real sh-t

[verse 2: iduad]
heard these n-gg-s talking fake sh-t
f-ck around get a facelift
whole squad on that bape sh-t
just mean that we go realer
king kong i’m a tall n-gg-
ea boys that’s a wave trick
got the pack that’s a whole zip
blow it down that’s a whole lick
moving fast to the goal which
you ain’t never ever reach
promoter can’t get to me
he couldn’t afford the fee
looking at me margiela’s the sneaks
i heard your b-tch is a freak
enemies envy me
teach em like secondary
eat em like sesame
grade a boy, you letter b
rainbow money that’s fetty g
hop on a track and a n-gg- has to let it b
heard you were a snake that’s never me
black eyed peas i’m a let it be
one call i wet a g
n-gg-s know i’m legendary
7th letter i’m a g
ea that’s gang with me
n-gg-s is ranking me
bringing that dank with me
couldn’t be faculty
you is just lagging g

[josh forehead]
can i slide
can i slide

[verse 3: green shark]
young n-gg-
money living
pull up on you i ain’t missing
play with your b-tch like tetris
i’m on a mission
f-ck your b-tch no question
n-gg- you tripping thought you was cool but you tripping yeah!
n-gg- what happened
michael jackson
slide in your b-tch with that action
d-mn, d-mn, d-mn, d-mn (yeah)

[josh forehead]
can i slide
can i slide

[verse 4: lejande with ad-lib’s from josh forehead]
i met this b-tch (ooh)
she wanted this d-ck (yeah)
its never that deep
its never this lit (whoa)
my girl at the crib (whoa)
she waiting for me
i said it be quick
i just hit a lick (yeah)
then i smoke this sh-t my wrist is so rocky
these n-gg-s want copy
she giving me toppy
she still want to f-ck me i tell her she lucky
yeah yeah
uh yeah
i ain’t k!ll no one but i’m out here taking bodies (bodies)
she just came and got it (got it)
they calling me young papi (the papi)
they calling me young legend (yeah)
i don’t f-ck with waste-man (no waste-man)
she don’t do no face time (no face time)
she got wicked waist line
(whoa wicked)