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lirik lagu road sign – joshua bond


the cost
the price at which it’s bought
i can’t believe it’s gotten
to the point that which it’s got

i’m lost
i am simply distraught
i’ve completely forgotten
if i’m still living or not

i burned every single bridge i ever crossed
and now i’m stuck on an island
with no way off

paint me a road sign
and point it the direction i should go
i’ll wait by the white lines
they paint along the edges of the road
paint me a road sign
make it big and make it bright and make it glow
i hate how i stress
i really wish i didn’t even want to know

“i insist,”
said the compass
“the sun sets in the south
don’t resist, that’s a promise”
i left it at the bottom of the river mouth

“we’re right on track!”
said the map
in a very reassuring tone
but we’ve circled back
i’m feeling trapped
i may never find my way home

so pave me a highway
and make it run exactly where i’m supposed to be
i ache for some place to stay
where i’m welcome, where i’m wanted, where i’m free

pave me a highway
make it wide and make it smooth and make it true
there’s mountains in my way
i fear i lack the dynamite to tunnel through
i sunk every single ship i’ve ever known
and now i’m stuck on an island
with no way home