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lirik lagu stain – josi green


after all the drama i’m still me
it’s just the heart of gold that he instilled in me
but i keep a hitta cause they handy man if i say the word they a drill me
k!ll for me deal for me scary lil b-tch you just got to do a pill for me
tweaking on the ecs like feel for me
i mean ex no feels from me
boa i’m slick with sh-t and i’m slick with your b-tch
text her she love you then hop in my whip
tell you goodnight then she hop on my d-ck
text chi to call me like i gotta dip
he hitting my line boa he knowing the script
pleading the 5th when i’m off the 5th
cause i’m off of the sh-ts like
t-ts when they sit right
caught in the head like
holding on to dear life
deep when she grip tight
walk like a crip like
now she wanna spend night
ion even hit twice
hit it if the skin light
or if it’s midnight
sway on lee boy ion got no type
yea i’m flexing baby
pull up in a ghost no partrick swayze
she ride on the d-ck cause it drive me crazy
calling me zaddy but not my baby
why is you tweakin you not my lady
you is not special you just my latest
couple days in then i smashed in the days inn
squad be the mob and we looking like made men
but i ain’t made enough
no noose nah n-gg-s hang wit us
stacking to roof yea i’m changing up
feeling myself no angel dust
shorty came in clutch you know ima do her
if she get to tweaking then i never knew her
ima kama sutra connosuier condom loser
i maneuver i’m manure aim the gang im the shooter
aim could change y’all medulla calm or cooler
yea i’m ramen noodle when you at ya brokest
middle finger to a shift tryna shift the culture
look no tsa i’m in my bag psa
wit me essay off the drank but he okay
run the green like mi ole
that’s a goal me don’t play
we don’t chase he gone spray
me don’t say me no fake huh
jugg then i’m out nah me no stay
i gotta do the dirt can’t be no stain yaya