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lirik lagu starship princess – josip on deck


she’s a starship princess from another planet
graceful as a flower kisses sweet as cotton candy
she’s so kawaii it’s like she fell off of my dreams
she reminds me of an idol and goes viral when she pleases

[verse 1]
holy tamagotchi harajuku pocky
m.o.e. for life though gameboy in my pocket
in a hideout with my waifu watching out for zombies
d-mn she’s a gyaru and her fashion sense one hundred
and she be on tumblr i love pocket monsters
scrolling down for hours where did all the time go
she must be the gold on the end of the rainbow
24k chain glow she ain’t even from this world


[verse 2]
she goes viral when she pleases might be the kawaii queen
pixelated lifestyle anime her dna
she could paint the sky pink and she’s only nineteen
modern day pic-sso but if he was j-panese
mario on mushrooms she’s bigger than the whole game
she is why the moon shines in the sky when it’s past eight
i remember bedtime yeah those were the old days
hopped into my starship and blasted out to outer sp-ce