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lirik lagu wozwald – jubyphonic


they’ll speak of folklore found inside the middle of the night
and long ago it gave us mermaids, right?
self-righteous high on it junky
paparazzi they crave, crawling monkey
something created on a whim, pleasing only to them
if they’re happy, call it a win

what’s his name again? you know them, they’re fed
only praise and filled their head
as they say
be the first to claim it and it’s yours, they’re named
the king, originator on display, say hooray
if you hate the holy monk, you’ll hate his robe
a pseudo pioneer -lights a candle q.e.d

lights off and yet
turn them on instead we
again and again
make it right like we said
repeat on and oni’ll have all that i want
please stop

saru sa sarusa…burn

leave it then, just leave it then
don’t push it onto me, something i know i can’t be
they’ll swarm again, scattering again
still drowning in the joy, never change or destroy
o let them breathe, live without me
another fictional facade flatters with more applause
just lemme leave, don’t love me please
my life feigned as a faith…
can i ever escape?

we think a thought but never caught
part is sick and the other selfish want
sewage abound and brewing in apathy, choke down
diluting the drink, melting into the sweet
break it, pay it, ban it
cheering, yet another celebration to have
but everything i’m seeing is just dirty tea parties
everywhere that i look i see trash

birds in the park, afraid of the dark
fight or flight at heart, am i right?
somebody sets the worth of a life
a person that you’ll never even know, better yet
go on and do whatever you like
selling, trading, c’mon and try
yeah they tell you “don’t”
but you’re touching the stove again
you know the pain, it’ll never end

can’t get out of bed and tell yourself again
“these sheets are messing with me”
words you always say them, you say them
and the more that they come out you
the more the world becomes blue
becoming what i know to be true

i’ll grow up then, just grow up then
this money from the grind carries to my next life
i’ll doubt and tell them all to rot in h-ll
so now you really care when you’re feeling that stare
o worship them until content
shine brightly in the dark just like this glowing theme park
a frail chest, no love is left
“hey can we not survive without a faith to rely?”
what’s your name again?
you know you’re used to all of the abuse and hate
as they say
be the next to claim it and you’re such a fake
another copy spreading lies in vain, sure okay
if you love the holy monk, you’ll love his robe
a pseudo-pioneer committing a crime

come along with us
come along with us
come along with us
come along with us

leave it then, just leave it then
sit nestled in your shrines, never moving for life
they’ll swarm again, scattering again
now drowning in the joy so complete to enjoy
o go and breathe, live without me
you long to end your life so you never will die
grief, on display
love, rot away
a signal to the 20 year olds-