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lirik lagu 0 to 100 (remix) – juicy j


play that sh-t right
thc, the hustle continues
rich n-gg-, come one

rich n-gg- and i keep gunnas on my side
n-gg-s talk, hoes talk, but money don’t lie
if you ain’t heard, ain’t another n-gg- triller
more ace of spades than a blackjack dealer
all in the club with hollywood’s finest
i’m bout to take katy perry to king of diamonds
ballin’, ballin’, pretty b-tches jockin’
if i sign her t-tties, she going to put it up for auction
everywhere i go, they roll out the red carpet
i been sipping lean out of solid gold faucets
huh, respect the game, yung n-gg-
hating me ain’t gonna make you no change, young n-gg-
three bourgeoisie b-tches and my phantom outside
i leave it in park, cause they just wanna ride
they just want to ride juicy j like six flags
then i kick them out so fast, they get whip lash

(hook break)
whole squad on that real sh-t

brought my homeboys out the hood with me
now a n-gg- sell dope records to make drug money
shout out to the n-gg-s that got luv for me
asian girl fainted as soon as she got a hug from me
tokyo, that’s a long way from north memphis
makin’ too much money to be in y’all business
makin’ moves, chase the money till we all get it
and my pockets so deep, you can fall in them
started from the bottom, my n-gg-
six people, two bedroom apartment, my n-gg-
now we pay cash for it all, f-ck a lease!
still trynna get in touch with my hommie big triece
back-to-back bentleys, foreign car fleet
nba playoffs, we ball all week
i don’t even hate the n-gg-s hatin’ on me
when their alb-ms come out, i still buy their cds
and that’s real

(hook break)
whole squad on that real sh-t