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lirik lagu 1-800-hell-no – juj


sure know how to pick your moments
just let it go
just let me go
each time you try to pull me closer
i’m saying no
you already know how it goes

always the same when you call
somehow it’s never your fault (no no no)
changed your name in my phone
to 1*800 h*ll no

don’t hit my line
don’t even try
done this a thousand times
i’m busy getting mine
so goodbye

i’m doing fine
i’m on hollywood and vine
we both know you wanna post
so i gotta ghost

sure know how to get me going
know all the right ways to get under my skin
used to like it when we talked now
it just reminds me of why i’m hiding cause

1*800 h*ll no
1900 never again, no