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lirik lagu expose yourself – julie brown


come on, girls
do you want to be a vixen
well, i’m gonna tell you how
and you do it like this

if you want to get some attention
dress your body just like mine
dare to go bare, just wear your underwear
you’ll get a ride home every time

you don’t need no silicone
or a fancy push-up bra
never mind your big behind
you’re beautiful the way you are

expose yourself
you know you like it
expose yourself
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
when you show off your stuff
you know they can’t get enough
expose what you got
if you got it or not

don’t let your thunder thighs get you down
shake your jelly in their face
all it takes it att-tude
(play it around
expose yourself)

(you know you like it)