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lirik lagu the greater wings – julie byrne


i drank the air to be nearer to you
voices widen through the room
distant galaxies move
i’m not here for nothing

music in the walls
you were in the moment, with your life across the chord
was this always, or never before?

i feel it, the tilt of the planet
panorama of the valley

for these are not ordinary moments
but the circles that i traced in the palm of my hand
you’re always in the band
forever underground
name my grief to let it sing
to carry you up on the greater wings

(?) moonrise devotion
it is not what i sing, but what is known forever
i hope never to arrive here
with nothing new to show you
as so many others have
and we hold the pact
forever underground
still rising to sing
to carry you up on the greater wings



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