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lirik lagu alright – junior doctor



oh oh oh alright
alright, i’ve been holding on to my tongue for way too long
but i let go tonight
oh oh oh alright
i don’t need this anymore
you’re the one who closed the door, i just locked it
and i’m still doing alright
i’ll be doing alright

before you go, tear me open, don’t leave anything unbroken
put your second thoughts to bed
and turn out the lights before you stay, and drag this on for days
when you should be gone
get this thing out of your head
and leave me behind, and i’ll be alright

oh oh oh alright
keep on pushing me away
with the stupid things you say
they mean nothing to me
oh oh oh alright
so you found somebody else
cause you couldn’t stand yourself
take what you need
enjoy your new life
i’ll be doing alright

we could have made it together
could have been something great
if i had my way then we never would have ended things this way
instead you gave up so easily
turned into what i hate
now you are just a memory