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lirik lagu perfect girl (make her mine) – junior doctor


perfect girl (make her mine)

a set of whites that have caught me in a trance
i don’t recall anyone affecting me like this
i mean, i don’t know anything at all
except how badly i would love just to hold her hand
i’ve left the ground, and i’m not sure when i’m gonna land
i mean, i don’t know anything at all

all i know is she’s got, she’s got

something, something i need and my
heart beats, my heart beats me every time
i look in, look in her eyes and i
won’t be able to rest until i make her mine

so then i start to second-guess my confidence
from brain to mouth, the words stopped making any sense
of course, i don’t know anything at all
except the room we’re in growing smaller by the minute
and the fading voices of everyone within proving
i don’t know anything at all
she’s got me, there’s nothing i can do to pull myself away
to be honest, i don’t want to
with one look she steals my heart away
i’d do anything, cause she’s got, she’s got

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