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lirik lagu 17 – just nick


what i learned when i was seventeen
is that god should be a normal human being

he’d find out that life isn’t quite what he’d planned
and he’d pray but it wouldn’t work
yeah, it wouldn’t work
h*ll, it wouldn’t work
’cause life should be more than gods and deities for you and me

after a while, he’d just have to move on
he’d go out and get some normal human job
he’d work nine to five and he’d ask himself why he’s boxing five*dollar, hot*n*ready pizzas for ten bucks an hour, but there’d be no answer
’cause life should be more than cheese and pepperoni for you and me

d*mn, things are pretty tough
understand that life can be pretty f*cked up
don’t have faith that things are gonna be alright
you’ve gotta put on your boots and fight to survive in this world of greed
full of kings and queens
and a little narcissism isn’t always a bad thing for you and me

for you and me
for you and me
but it’s mostly me when i was seventeen