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lirik lagu 100k – justain


l!cking on my d*ck!
(laughs) (oh yeah, she’s l!cking on his d*ck)
oh yeah, (no condom on, in it) on my d*ck

(yeah) i’m in a sp*ce coupe with your chick
got her l!cking on my d*ck
bout’ six inches down her throat, for a klondike bar
when i hop up in the car, take a trip to the beach
say she want to see the view, but she choking on my lil’ dude
you would think i’m with the union way i’m piping that b*tch
way i’m getting this paper, way i’m stacking my racks up
throw a stack up
lot a bad b*tches in the club, about to show out
for a motherf*cking check, yeah, hoe out
me and the boys in the club, and we paying your rent
with a check that we just got
and we running up these bands, tryna make it to the top
with some cash in my hands
cause’ i remember days when we ain’t have sh*t, but holes in our pants
now we paying for the rips, and we don’t give a sh*t what we spend
waste a whole check, make it back again
white girl walking up like she choosy
when you got here, and you seen that she knew me
walking up, she wet as a jacuzzi
make her scream, then i cuddle in my snuggie
send her back to you
when you hugging her, then you smell her breath, and it smells like my c*ck*cheese