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lirik lagu don’t cry – justmario


2015 we was duckin from the cop lights
2015 we was duckin
bust three rights to the lot, keep the lights off
bullets got names last night, doing role call
don’t be wherever we at, should’ve told yall
2015 we was duckin

spinning, crankshaft knocking that engine block
n0body parking this b*tch unless we switchin spots
not trynna run on no cement
that’s how they got dawg last weekend
face mask like we skii in all seasons
big strap while the drum got cleavage
and i’m really plugged in two regions, aye
(baby doc, baby doc, baby doc, baby doc)
n*ggas be playing back incidents like they work at espn
and the feds gone watch that too just to find out where yo ass had been, yeah
test yo luck with the opps, and this chop gone have to test yo skin