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lirik lagu stay with me – jw grape


(intro [sampled from is0kenny]):

stuck inside a room playing marvin all day
2 calls, she declined, honestly nvm, i’m ok
her loss, at what cost?
at the tone messages ain’t enough
talk to me, why you keep hanging up?

(verse 1):
stuck inside a room playing 2 calls all day
i’m usually heartless, why am i feeling this way?
like why did we break up like we did?
like we didn’t still have our feelings
now i’m sliding by myself, my b*tch not beside me
man i wish i never liked you
i just want to ball for my team
why i keep thinking about you?
like why i keep drinking about you?
it’s really clear, can’t be happy without you
remember that month that sey gttm died
ptsd immediately, but you were always by my side
i was crying and sh*t, at least i had a shoulder to cry on
now i got no one, said now i got no one

2 calls, yeah she got away
now my buddy miller gon help with the pain
now my buddy wock gon help with the pain
now these 30’s gon help with the pain
not gonna lie, this sh*t k!lling my brain
but i promise, i’m not playing victim
i did this myself, n0body else to blame
like i put these own drugs in my system
maybe if i had gone to rehab, you would be my mrs
maybe you would be like my mrs

(verse 2):

can’t be sad without remembering the good times
i remember cuddling up on your bed, such a long time ago
i remember you saying you’d never cheat with the bros
i know a few of em were moving funny
it made me happy that my closest never did
and also that my girl remained loyal
i could probably never find that again
i remember coming home from a long day
studio all day, and she would suck me up
yeah i’d eat that p*ssy for lunch
f*ck her and rearrange her guts
we had good s*x on that beach
but your mind is beautiful, yeah you not a mutt

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