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lirik lagu 2017 k-pop songs (alphabetically) – k-pop genius



1. a knowing (남자의 정석) by gummy ft. boi b
2. a supplementary story: you never walk alone by bts
3. abc (middle of the night) by vav
4. across the universe by junggigo
5. agit by oh my girl by oh my girl
6. all i do (너만 생 각해) by monsta x
7. alone (혼자) by urban zakapa
8. always by apink
9. amazing (집) by reddy
10. anck su namum by yezi (fiestar)
11. april (사월) by dia
12. are you in love? (사랑하는 사람 있나요?) by navi
13. around by hitchhiker x taeyong
14. around farewell (이별 즈음에) by sf9
15. as if it’s your last (마지막처럼) by blackpink
16. at the end by changsub (btob)
17. auto reverse (오토리버스) ft. tablo by psy
18. aya by lovelyz
19. aze gag (아재개그) by mamamoo

1. by wjsn
2. b-day by ikon
3. baby by astro
4. baby come to me by wjsn
5. babyface by wjsn
6. bad habit (술버릇) by g.soul
7. bape by changmo
8. be a star by pristin
9. be lazy by day6
10. be well (아프지 마요) by sechskies
11. beautiful by pentagon
12. beautiful by monsta x
13. beautiful lie by minzy
14. beautiful life by sleepy
15. because i love you by gummy
16. becuase it’s you ((너라서) by astro
17. been you by 24k
18. better than me (우린 왜 이별 하는 걸까?) by sojung (ladies’ code)
19. better together (함께 걸어) by seo in guk
20. bing bing by aoa
21. blackout by iu
22. black mind by cross gene
23. black or white by cross gene
24. black out by vixx
25. black widow by pristin
26. bling bling by ikon
27. blinking game (눈싸움) by jonghyun
28. body talk by red velvet
29. boom by unit black
30. bomb ft. bobby & b.i by psy
31. boy by exid
32. bullsh-t (개소리) by g-dragon

1. calling you by highlight
2. calm down by monsta x
3. cameo by lovelyz
4. can you feel it? by highlight
5. candy shop by unit black
6. can’t love you anymore (사랑이 잘) ft. oh hyuk by iu
7. can’t sleep (불면증) by aoa
8. caught (들켜) by navi
9. champagne by ftisland
10. cherry bomb by nct 127
11. chocolady by akdong musician
12. closer to you (지금 만나러 가요) by wjsn
13. coloring book (컬러링북) by oh my girl
14. come back home by bts
15. complicated by reddy
16. congratulations (final ver.) by day6
17. contrail (비행운) by gfriend
18. crazy in love by seventeen
19. crush (핑) by gfriend

1. da ra da by whee in x jeff bernat x b.o
2. dance dance by day6
3. dangerous (위험해) by highlight
4. dear name (이름에게) by iu
5. dear you (너에게) by navi
6. decalcomanie (데칼코마니) by imlay x sik-k
7. deep blue eyes by girls next door
8. dejavu by bewhy
9. diamond (qri solo) by t-ara
10. diamond 4 ya by b.a.p
11. do it (해요) by suran
12. do my thing by reddy
13. don’t be shy by girl’s day
14. don’t care (양심없이) by got7
15. don’t recall by k.a.r.d
16. don’t wanna cry by seventeen
17. dream night by astro
18. dreams come true by astro
19. dystopia by b.a.p

1. easy (쉽게) by vinicius
2. easy love (쉽다) by sf9
3. eclipse by kim lip (looπδ)
4. elevator (엘리베이터) by jonghyun
5. emotion by honeyst
6. emotion by lovelyz
7. ending scene (이런 엔딩) by iu
8. even though (보이지 않아도) by lee hae ri (davichi)
9. evergreen by apink
10. every minute by astro
11. excuse me by aoa
12. eye eye eyes by twice
13. eyes by apink

1. fact (팩트폭행) ft. g-dragon by psy
2. fairy tale by looπδ 1/3
3. fall down (이러다가 울겠어) by sf9
4. fancy shoes by ilhoon (btob)
5. feeling (느낌이 오니) by aoa
6. finally by mamamoo
7. fingertip by gfriend
8. fireplace (벽난로) by jonghyun
9. first snow (첫눈) by lovelyz
10. five by apink
11. five by changmo
12. flashlight by minzy
13. flower (you) by vav
14. fly away by kwon jin ah
15. follow me by wjsn
16. fool by winner
17. full stop (마침표) by iu

1. geeminy by wjsn
2. gettin’ by (그냥 그래) by one
3. girl girl girl by triple h
4. give it to me by badkiz
5. go higher by got7
6. goodbye for now by kyuhyun
7. gravity by monsta x

1. hands on me by chung ha
2. happy by wjsn
3. happily ever after by red velvet
4. hate that i miss you (미운 날) by lee hae ri (davichi)
5. hate that i miss you (미운날) [piano ver.] by lee hae ri (davichi)
6. hear the sea (바다가 들려) by red velvet
7. hear the wind sing (바람의노래) by gfriend
8. h-llo by favorite
9. h-llo h-llo ft. b.i.g
10. help me (너 때문에) by aoa
11. heyahe (해야해) by one
12. hi h-llo by day6
13. hide and seek (숨바꼭질) by lovelyz
14. hide and seek (머리카락 보일라) by sf9
15. high with me by changmo
16. history of violence by dumbfoundead ft. chancellor
17. hold me tight by twice
18. hole in one by varsity
19. how can i say (어떻게 말해) by day6
20. how why by exid
21. hug me by south club
22. hug u (이리와) by wjsn
23. hyung (형) ft. dok2, simon dominic, tiger jk by dumbfoundead

1. i draw you (너를 그린) by ftisland
2. i i yo by gummy
3. i luv it by psy
4. i smile (반드시 웃는다) by day6
5. i wait (아 왜) by day6
6. i wish (너에게 닿기를) by wjsn
7. i wish it were you ft. junhyung (highlight) by kriesha chu
8. i would (그럴 텐데) by day6
9. ice cream (녹아요) by twice
10. if i (hiphop team) by seventeen
11. i’ll be there by astro
12. i’ll be there (난 어 때) by monsta x
13. i’ll be yours by girl’s day
14. i’ll listen to this song (이 노래 들어볼래) by dia
15. i’m good (끌리는 대로) by henry ft. nafla
16. i’m serious (장난아닌데) by day6
17. in my dreams by oh my girl
18. incomparable by monsta x
19. independence movement song (乾坤坎離; 건곤감리) by dia
20. ing (알쏭달쏭) by minzy
21. into the void by vixx
22. intro. 권지용 (middle fingers-up) by g-dragon
23. it would have been (겨울이 간다) by day6
24. it’s alright by reddy
25. it’s still beautiful (아름답다) by highlight

1. jail by nafla
2. jam jam (잼잼) by iu
3. jealousy (질투가 나) by baek a yeon ft. jimin park
4. jungle game by sf9
5. just chill (멍하니 있어) by jonghyun
6. just friends (연락이 없으면) by baek a yeon

1. kiss, this is a tip (키스 이건 팁) by gummy
2. knock knock (똑똑) by lovelyz
3. knock knock by twice
4. kok kok (콕콕) by apink
5. k-mbaya (come right here) [sojin solo] by girl’s day

1. last goodbye 오랜 날 오랜 밤 by akdong musician
2. last love (마지막 사랑) by red velvet
3. last scene (마지막 장면) ft. lee sung kyung by psy
4. lean on me (오늘은 내게) by day6
5. let me out (놓아줘) by jonghyun
6. letting go (놓아 놓아 놓아) [rebooted ver.] by day6
7. lie (다 거짓말) by astro
8. lie down ft. reddy by moon myung jin
9. light (빛) by dia
10. like! (좋아요!) by apink
11. like you by honeyst
12. lily by aoa
13. little little by red velvet
14. live 생방송 by akdong musician
15. lonely ft. taeyeon by jonghyun
16. lonely by sistar
17. loss (쩔쩔매줘) by suran
18. love & live (지금, 좋아해) by looπδ 1/3
19. love ft. syd by deδn
20. love ft. taeyang by psy
21. love again by girl’s day
22. love alone (그렇게 사랑은) by iu
23. love guide (연애지침서) by cross gene
24. love is so nice by jonghyun
25. love is true by jeong jinwoon
26. love my life by jay park ft. ph-1
27. lovesick (따끔) by april
28. love sick by ftisland with kim na young
29. love therapy by exy x euna kim
30. love you by knk
31. loved u (좋아했나봐) by mind u
32. 수면제 (lullaby) by onew x rocoberry
33. lullaby (jiyeon solo) by t-ara
34. luving u by gummy

1. magic girl (마법소녀) by baek a yeon
2. make a wish by chung ha
3. male friend (남.사.친) by dia
4. man in a movie by day6
5. mannequin (마네킹) by dia
6. marry man by uv x shindong
7. mayday by april
8. melting love by aoa
9. milk (우유) [hani solo] by exid
10. mint chocolate by seo in guk
11. miracle by elris
12. miracle (기적 같은 아이) by wjsn
13. miss you by monsta x
14. mohae (모해) by san e
15. mojito (여름빛) by red velvet
16. moonlight by baechigi
17. morning star (새벽별) by lovelyz
18. moscato d’ asti by reddy
19. most hated (니가 싫어하는 노래) by jay park & dok2
20. mr. badboy by wjsn
21. my day by day6
22. my day by favorite
23. my girl by honeyst
24. my i (jun x the8) by seventeen
25. my lite by reddy
26. my lover (나의 연인) by lovelyz
27. my star (나의 별) by elris

1. need u (니가필요해) by monsta x
2. never ever by got7
3. new face by psy
4. night by young cream
5. night and day by lovelyz
6. night rather than day (낮보다는 밤) by exid
7. ninano (니나노) ft. flowsik by minzy
8. ninano (니나노) [english rap ver.] ft. flowsik by minzy
9. no by nam tae hyun (south club)
10. no better days by ftisland
11. not only you but spring (너만 모르나 봄) by dia
12. not today by bts
13. now, we (지금, 우리) by lovelyz

1. ode to love (사랑노래) by navi
2. oh boy by aoa
3. oi by monsta x
4. one more rollie by changmo ft. hash swan & kim hyo eun
5. only you (only 너) by twice
6. only you (너 하나면 돼) by 24k
7. ooh la la (hyomin solo) by t-ara
8. oppa (오빠) by yoo seung woo x sandeul (b1a4)
9. open your mind (마음아 열려라) by mamamoo
10. our season (따뜻한 겨울) by jonghyun
11. out by got7
12. outro. 신곡 (divina commedia) by g-dragon
13. outro: wings by bts
14. over n over by pristin

1. palette ft. g-dragon by iu
2. paper star’s dream (종이별의 꿈) by lee hae ri (davichi)
3. parade by ftisland
4. paradise by got7
5. party time by favorite
6. pattern by lee hae ri (davichi)
7. perfect (최애 (最愛)) by wjsn
8. perfect day by oh my girl
9. play ugly (못생긴 척) by akdong musician
10. please save my earth (나의지구를지켜줘) by gfriend
11. plop plop (퐁당퐁당) by wjsn
12. plz don’t be sad (얼굴 찌푸리지 말아요) by highlight
13. popular music (인기가요) by changmo

1. q by got7

1. rain 51db by looπδ 1/3
2. rain in the spring time (봄비) by gfriend
3. ready or not by monsta x
4. real love (사랑 좀 하고 싶어) by henry (super junior)
5. real love (eunjung solo) by t-ara
6. real world by oh my girl
7. reality by akdong musician
8. really really (릴리릴리) by winner
9. reason for you (너란 이유) by huh gak
10. red flavor (빨간맛) by red velvet
11. refuge (기댈곳) by psy
12. reload by t-ara
13. right than left (오른쪽이 왼쪽보다) by navi
14. ring me up (전화해요) by navi
15. roar by sf9
16. rock will never die by psy
17. rollin’ around with you (너와 걸은 거리) by gummy
18. rookie by red velvet
19. room service by gummy
20. rumor by k.a.r.d
21. running by pristin
22. running 2 u by nct 127

1. sad song (슬픈 노래) by sechskies
2. save me by ftisland
3. say wow by day6
4. say yes (주세요) by wjsn
5. screw you (넘어져라) by baek a yeon
6. season of you (그대라는 계절) by lee hae ri (davichi)
7. send me to war by dumbfoundead ft. jessi & year of the ox
8. shadow by daehyun (b.a.p) ft. zelo (b.a.p)
9. shall i go out? (나갈까) by gummy
10. shangri-la [도원경(桃源境)] by vixx
11. she’s a baby by zico
12. shine forever by monsta x
13. shopping mall by got7
14. show me luv by changmo ft. sik-k
15. shut up n’ lemme go by sf9
16. sign by got7
17. signal by twice
18. silhouette (너로 보여) by jeong jinwoon
19. sleep tight by highlight
20. someone like me by twice
21. sonatine (알 수 없는 비밀) by looπδ 1/3
22. sp-ce dust (우주먼지) by chung ha
23. spotlight by sohee (elris)
24. spring day by bts
25. spring rain (봄비) by boa
26. star and sun (별과 해) by kei (lovelyz)
27. stay with me by romeo
28. steal your heart (뺏겠어) by unit black
29. still my lady (여전히 예뻐) by sf9
30. still with you by ftisland
31. stop talking (그만 말해) by gummy
32. stranger’s love by jang jin young x the barberettes
33. sugar by wjsn
34. summer 127
35. sun. moon. star. by knk
36. sun & moon by nct 127
37. super star by g-dragon
38. superwoman (수퍼우먼) by minzy
39. supreme by reddy
40. sweet lies (달콤한 빈말) by baek a yeon ft. the barberettes
41. swimming fool (performance team) by seventeen

1. take you home (바래다줄게) by baekhyun
2. talk to me by red velvet
3. tell me what it is (靑春) by sf9
4. tequila by g.soul
5. the by lovelyz
6. the beginning (시작) by highlight
7. the last of you (끝모습) by baek a yeon
8. the new birth by reddy
9. the night by ftisland
10. the parting (이젠, 안녕) by kyuhyun
11. the way to me by joy (red velvet)
12. there’s no time (시간이 없어) by dia
13. think about you by knk
14. thirsty by girl’s day
15. this right now (이 지금) by iu
16. three out by aoa
17. three times a day (하루에 세번)
18. through the night (밤편지) by iu
19. to us by vixx
20. too much love k!lls me by junhyung (highlight)
21. travel by ftisland
22. tree (나무) by ftisland
23. tree (나무) by yoseob (highlight)
24. trouble by kriesha chu
25. truth (minah solo) by girl’s day
26. try my luck by jongup (b.a.p)
27. twilight by kim lip (looπδ)
28. two face by changmo

1. u r my only one by varsity
2. unfamiliar (낯설어) by b.i.g
3. unt-tled, 2014 (무제(無題) by g-dragon
4. upgrade (2.0) by dumbfoundead ft. mom

1. valentine girl by looπδ 1/3
2. velvet (le solo) by exid
3. voice by ftisland

1. wait for me by changmo
2. wake me up by b.a.p
3. walking by suran
4. wannabe by hyoyeon ft. san e
5. want (원해) by ftisland
6. watch out by sf9
7. water (물) by dumbfoundead ft. g.soul
8. way back home (집에 돌아오는 길) by akdong musician
9. we by pristin
10. we are (우린) by lee hae ri (davichi)
11. we are young by psy
12. we, first (우리 처음) by elris
13. wee woo by pristin
14. week (월화수목금토일) by chung ha
15. welcome to the jungle (ft. kangnam, kim byung man) by microdot
16. what’s going on? by triple h
17. what’s my name? (내 이름은) by t-ara
18. where are you (바퀴) by jonghyun
19. whiplash by nct 127
20. white mind by cross gene
21. why (왜 이래) by sf9
22. why don’t you know? by chung ha ft. nucksal
23. will last forever (그때 그 아이들은) by akdong musician
24. will you go out with me? (나랑 사귈래?) by dia
25. will you go out with me 2016 (나랑 사귈래 2016) by dia
26. wind by ftisland
27. wine (prod. by suga) ft. changmo by suran
28. with all my might (온 힘을 다해) by favorite
29. with elvis by aoa
30. wonder if by junhyung (highlight)
31. wonderful love (어마어마해) by momoland
32. worthless (구차해) [moonbyul solo] by mamamoo
33. would u by red velvet
34. wow! by lovelyz

1. yacht (k) by jay park
2. yes i am (나로 말할 것 같으면) by mamamoo
3. yes sir by april
4. you and me (너와 나) by elris
5. you and me together by looπδ 1/3
6. you are my flower (꽃,달,술) by dia
7. you are my flower (dia ver.) by dia
8. you better know by red velvet
9. you were beautiful (예뻤어) by day6
10. young & free by xiumin x mark
11. your smile (니가 웃잖아) by astro

1. zoo by red velvet

1. 0 mile by nct 127
2. 1+1=0 by suran ft. deδn
3. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 by vixx
4. 1.2.3 by b.i.g
5. 1000 by jonghyun
6. 20090729 by t-ara
7. 365 fresh by triple h
8. 4 step by sf9
9. 5:14 (last page) by monsta x