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lirik lagu 5. bonnie and clyde – k1ngsam



riddin’ with the windows down
so you could smile even if it’s cold outside
used to ignore our pride when it came to us
living so god d-mn dangerous
no games please don’t play with us, this is bonnie and clyde

riddin’ through the west side
(west side)
feelin’ so blessed i
(blessed i)
would had no stress i
(stress i,)

let it go when it came to you
you changed me, made me, better i
wish we would lasts, forever i, know we won’t;
broke my heart just to think about it, you was my love
life, just think without
so let’s think back, way back
l.a bedroom
listening to speakers
felt like we was in there for weeks just
us, being us

trust each other with demons, kept, deep inside
told each other we would ride, till we died
didn’t know that love would die first
and yeah it hurt, sh-t
’cause now i’m in here listening to, speakers
all alone, in my zone writing songs till we on
ain’t no time for sippin’
took a shot, but i ain’t limpin’, i’m just runnin’
i got something, that i gotta, show the, world but you’ll always be that girl, that got away
stay on my mind day on that day

what can i say
what can i say
what can i say
you was my love, you was my drug, sh-t
same thing
same thing
same thing

na, na, na, na, na, na

(i know what you need)
listen to the speakers

(i know what you need)
listen to the speakers