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lirik lagu super saiyan – k4m1kaze


turn around in my f*cking grave
when them motha f*cka′s say i’m the same
i′m not the same why you playing b*tch

dragon ball z when i’m going super saiyan
ima dragon with the flames i take a drag to the brain b*tch
letting shots off by the second like bang b*tch
driving like my life ain’t on the line switching lanes b*tch
and i got a baddie by my side you gotta lame b*tch
everybody wanna live my life but b*tch it′s dangerous

post*traumatic trauma
got me sweating like a sauna
think i need some marijuana and a choppa′ by my side
now i’m saying this the second time
all these b*tches hit my line because i′m in my f*cking prime
no “$uicide” i’m living life, right?
made them motha f*cka′s scared of dark they need a nightlight
catching up to speed i live the fast life that’s right
leave you in the back in the past right smoking on that gas light