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1am - kaesw0rld lyrics


we gon’ roll up, avalanche
ice too cold, like avalanche
i want cookies with my ranch
money trees, go break a branch
yeah, i be growing by the inch
lil’ ho, “do you comprehend?”
it’s like fortnite, in your box

she said, “do you love me, or love me not?”
(do you love me, or love me not)
ice up on my f*cking wrist, i hope that it doesn’t rot
f*ckin’ on a pretty ho, she told me to take it slow
she want me to choose the other, i said, “we should stop and go”
i’m not running, stop and go
f*ck the routes, man i’m a goat
my mind is focused on cheddar, all i want is to make dough
but she wanna get touchy though
hyper girl, she rushy though
my mind be on her all day
do i really love her though?

now i’m thinking about my dad
everyday we used to talk, man i miss what we had
now look at what i’ve done
jaymes*not your son
you can call and text sometime, man i will never run
and i’m starting to think about aj man, that was my ole’ dude
me, mari, quise, and all your brothers miss you too
and i used to look up to you
now we look up to you

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