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lirik lagu effect – ka$hfaygo


know that i stay in the trap with a pole
you claim that you gang you know that you told
n*gga you rats i [?]
play with the gang you know you get rolled
n*ggas be opps they [?] like hoes
you wanna play then i’m taking your soul
n*ggas be punks these n*ggas be trolls
that’s how i sound when i shoot it out
[?] the opps better look out
n*gga get cooked like we at a cook out
don’t wanna get wicked so you better cool out
i’m with the bloods right now, better pull out
i’m in the hood gotta keep my tool out
one in the head so we might have a shoot out
really live a wild lifestyle
my diamonds blinging like it ain’t a bright smile
no i cannot have a [?]
look at my diamonds they glisten and shining
spin the block and its good timing
know if i spot it i got it
[?] so i pop me a roxy
know that i’m sipping on good lean
bad lil chick wanna do me
know that i drip out the gucci
matter fact switch it up with some louis
got me blinging ice, cooling
yeah, i’m finna get some booty
yeah, bring me that coochie
i got a bad lil hoochy, gang



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