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lirik lagu 50kg freestyle – kamakaze


yo its kamakaze, yeah, hold tight build tv, blg music
leicester city, mans gonna drop a quick grime ting, yeah!
yo, listen, yo, yo!

cause this ain’t no sing song, me i don’t care who is dench im not frimpong. im on the top floor like something like king kong, you man are bottom floor something like d-ck dom, in the bungalow, i got tons of flows, yeah, which one

lc yeah you know where the kids from, i ain’t giving sh-t away like bing bong, prosper and live long

how are you gonna say that i am not hard? that i ain’t got bars? youtes get toasted like pop tars on the ball, bold footed so im not -ssed. i’ve got a posh car


man told you to stop-start, in griming sessions i’m firing weapons on the road like driving lessons learning to stop-start


me cause i ain’t no road, me i ain’t super saiyan, i ain’t gohan, hear what these youtes are saying they don’t know man if you ain’t rating kama then please show hands. i didn’t see no hands in the air if so make sure them man be aware