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lirik lagu 50 states – kan viss


i have this philosophy that if-
if you only stay in your hometown
you’re only going to be known in your hometown
now for me, i think the whole world should hear me
but i gotta start with the 50 states

(verse 1)
i’m coming out of alabama
i’m popping out my mama saying h-llo to the world
in alaska smoke illegal herb by a mountain and a grisly bear
in arizona going harder than [?]
bet i make the good give the [?] back to arkansas
never been inside a valley but i’m being heard in cali
then i’m going to colarado, yooooom
connecticut riding with a dime that’s h-lla thick
nah, i ain’t celibate let me in them underwear
delaware ride her to her bus, next stop
[?] flow rida
rolling oranges in georgia
peach swishers sweets, that maui wowie
on my coast beaches be crowded
ha-wai-i i’m ’bout to travel
hit it like a xylophone, all the roads are not beknown
women want to ride alone, loving all my fire songs
one be h-lla beautiful
she from idaho, but i call her “you the ho” like
no shame with that booty hole, sicker on the beat
look i’ve been making illinois get in and hop in my rolls
’bout to cop a whip like indiana jones, woah

i’m trying to take this cross the world i can’t
until i take it across 50 states
i’m talking all across the country, they’ll love me

(verse 2)
i’m coming up to iowa; who the h-ll invited us?
kan viss, you know who the man is
in a redskin like a play for kansas
give her the c-ck, i’m colonel sanders
yeah it’s funny, she ain’t getting chicken from kentucky
she wanted lil’ wheezy in her [?]
going through the city pop bottles when i p-ss
with your main ho, lobsters we smash
like cannabis, actavis, legalizing advocate
medicated on the very [?]
when they get [?] i might have them pop for them
n-gg-s about to mourn i’mma call ’em mary-land
sh-t hit hard like a ray rice blow
don’t even worry about the j’s i smoke
mind going up like an elevator go
mind open up like an elevator door
yes i made it on the flow

i’m trying to take this cross the world i can’t
until i take it across 50 states
i’m talking all across the country, they’ll love me

(verse 3)
in m-ssachusetts i go stupid, hit up berkeley school of music
get it in like eminem, but i don’t come from michigan
going slower, pouring soda, turning purple, minnesota
started everything like [that’s an apartments?]
from the same high school that brett farve did!
i come from the sip, come for a zip
really no lean, just burners with green
i come from the sip, what you thinking that mean?
next to the top be mississippi
in missouri popping like a handgun
shots like and-one, tryna f-ck han-nah
excuse my french, monta-na
these white girls [?] like “haaah?”
man rap game stepped up like a ladder
use to have jokes cornier than nebraska
now i’m trying to make it out into vegas
to see how [?] world in new-vada
you still want that hotel stripper
but my budget new hampshire
[?] let’s just cancel
i just need that [motel?] dancer
said i’m in the game with my new jersey
new mexico like the old ain’t working
in new york getting loud where ferg is
ain’t n-body ever going to say i ain’t working
carolina or dakota, ohio, oklahoma, oregon, pennsylvania, or rhode island
carolina or dakota i be going all over
can’t disagree-tennessee bet ya’ll remember me
hennessy-remember x’s
i love them hispanics, i get them from texas
to fill up the u haul, dip down to utah
after that catch me up in vermont
virginia corrupting these virgins a lot
[?] ’em my jordans all in washington
west virginia, getting paid west cause the cheese
only thing left that’s for me is wyoming

and that’s 50 states