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lirik lagu 380 hellcat – kankan


slay world soldier

ha, ha, ha (yea!)
ha, haha
yea, yea yea

380 h*llcat, boy, yeah, don’t make me race it, ha (uhuh!)
kickin’ sh*t with my white boys, they a lil’ racist
we in a h*llcat, you really thinkin’ we finna race you?
i’m with my white hoe, that hoe look a lil’ asian
keep flexing that lil’ ass guap, my n*ggas come skate it

[verse 1]
pull up to your lil’ ass spot, n*gga, we gon’ raid it, ha
xd*45, n*gga, yeah, had to upgrade it
call lil’ wick up, n*gga, you know we finna hit up prada
number nine jeans, okay okay, can’t find these
that n*gga was talking on the net, now they can’t find him
murda gang, n*gga, yea, my n*ggas, they had to remind ‘em
i’m off a oxy and this sh*t, it got me wildin’
lil’ broke ass n*ggas they always be so childish
kick sh*t with them souljas, they stay wildin’ (yea, yea!)
wildin’, huh, yea
[verse 2]
i just got a jugg, n*gga, finna call up lil’ weiland
n*ggas say he want a free feat, boy your ass wildin’ (yea!)
i’m around all this d*mn green like a diet
give the lil’ hoe a perc like, “b*tch, you gotta try it”
pull up to his spot, lil’ n*gga, sh*t finna be a riot
say you run down gang, lil’ n*gga, yeah ok, try it
say you got racks for a feat, n*gga, then okay, buy it