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lirik lagu 0 – 100 freestyle – kap g


[verse 1]
they be on that rap to pay the bill sh-t
got a couple partners on the trap to pay the bill sh-t
i am legend, will smith
you worry about that lil’ sh-t
you shop at the mall, and buying fake j’s, these real kicks
construction work, we built this
you can’t even fit my shoes yet, you a size 6
my partners dominate the block, shaquille o’neal sh-t
i’m real sick of people saying all i rap about is tacos, nachos, shut up lil’ b-tch
but until then rap game adopted me, matilda
i ain’t with the girl drama, no jerry springer
at the street grindin’, tryna make it bigger
they say, “you a rapper? you look more just like a singer”
but nah homie i’m spitting facts, i’m spitting crack, i’m chasing racks
and my suits be tailored, i can play in men in black
let them migos go to mexico, they bringing plenty back
got the cd on my back, like a piggy bank
and my calendar is full, like and almanac
if the call drop, nah i ain’t gon’ call her back
mexico throw back, look like i play up in a soccer match
everything i do they try to copy that, ey 10 – 4, copy that
tryna’ make it out, we tryna’ live there where the cosby’s at
we ain’t getting money, ooh stop with that
who she bang (bang), ooh she [?] that
south side, where i be at ooo
and my migos’, they do not follow the rules
i’m just really tryna’ be 22, pulling up in 22’s, oo, oo, oo
ey (brr, brr, brr,) ey that’s the bird call real sh-t
my migos; they just tryna’ see hulks wrestle wilson
always be ready cause’ this sh-t can happen real quick
you lookin’ for a real man? well i’m lookin’ for a real b-tch
my studio a lamborghini body, hit the k!ll switch
my girl got on all yellow, she be on that k!ll bill sh-t
its levels to this sh-t man, i be on that meek mill sh-t
even paralyzed mother-f-ckers, they can feel this
no disrespect, but my bad that’s a metaphor
i might go to ecuador, got money in my bottom drawer
your [?] you need [?] more
and i stay with money, like ryan lewis yeah be with macklemore
and baby i ain’t with the arguing back and forth
for a round draft pick, i’ll make a [?]
tryna’ get a set of ray lewis, yeah i tackle more
people just keep telling me, and that’s why you were chosen for
and you gon’ get your first check and you gon’ blow it on a michael kors
and ima get my first check, and blow it on my auntie first
so she can get up out that place, so she can get her papers first oo
you ain’t know? and how the f-ck in mexico
but they still movin’ snow (but they still movin’ snow)
why? cause its poor! why you think they do it for?

i go 0 to a hundred migo real quick
0 to a hundred migo real quick, real sh-t
0 to a hundred migo real quick
i go 0 to a hundred migo real quick, real sh-t
0 to a hundred migo real quick
i go 0 to a hundred migo real quick, real sh-t
0 to a hundred migo real quick (vato, vato, vato)
i go 0 to a hundred migo real quick

[verse 2]
i go 0 to a hundred migo real quick
fresh prince, r.i.p to uncle phil yea
really i’m a fresh king, and the top missing
and mi madre told me, “go ahead and k!ll this”
all my vatos on that real sh-t (whole squad on that real sh-t)
whole squad on that real sh-t
the other night my brother told me i’m like jesus
in the bible it say he gon’ resurrect and i’m the closest to it yet, just look at me
i’m like living proof, and i got stuff to do, and i got stuff to prove
i’m worried about money, you worried about honeys like winnie the pooh
and i be hustling every day, i can’t go on a cruise
my fam relying on me man, this sh-t a lot to lose
and my vatos they keep coronas, they drink lots of booze
i got a model -ss flat, like some inner tubes
but keep a stripper -ss fatter than [?]
oo, oo, oo, oo
wasn’t with me from the bottom, don’t know you
still the same migo, riding honda 02’
i’m like dark rivers, come on baby let me coach you
used to leave me hanging, like a coat too
that’s why i turn up in the club, super saiyan, goku
and i got some engineers, and they stay with the [?]
girl just hit my phone, and ima roll thru

whole squad on that real sh-t (kap fe)
whole squad on that real sh-t
whole squad on that real sh-t