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lirik lagu no mouth – kapjav


still unreleased

making the best of life
i really don’t wanna die
i used too think i was right
don’t let em prove me wrong
been waiting way too long
had to get up and take it
finally cool with the fakin
never get used too the basic
wish u could see what i’m makin
history can’t rush greatness
i was there when sk said it
f*ck boy put this on reddit
got a burner i’m using the credit
everybody looks so fed up
baking gettin the bread up
don’t even need no yeast
i’m not checking no feed
had to keep up with me
hear no see no evil
just don’t look in the mirror
she wanted me too leave her
until i pulled that lever
came back cuz she’s clever
just not clever as me
only a little motion
see how they treat you then
can’t take no advice
where was it all back then
still stay inside my head
where u should keep that opinion
shoulda known it was cheap
london town for a week
it’s steep gotta make it count
she’s biting my swag like count
pull up for larger amounts
they love me i’m not from south
i’m not tryna hear your mouth

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