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lirik lagu 2pm – karis lee


i’m not your toy but
you got me on a string and
you’re not my boy but
around you i can’t think

text me at 2am i
i need a 2pm guy
you’re driving me up the wall
i’m waiting here for your call
the ball is in your court now
i’m falling what’s the score huh
it’s me, i need more
it’s me, ‘cuz i’m not yours

text me at 2am i
am better than this shi right
you should treat me like sunshine
but you treat me like the dark side
we have nothing to lose
but my sanity gettin’ screwed
i try to be go and flow
but i’m not that kind of girl no

text me at 2am i
i’m still gonna let you in but
every time i know that
this is going nowhere
i need a 2pm guy
someone who tries
more than the minimum
loves what i’m giving him
we’re running out of time
i need a 2pm guy
not a 2am high
oooo, a 2pm, a 2pm