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lirik lagu heidke – nightflight – kate miller



ladies and gentlemen
there is a good service on all underground lines
i’m 35 hours, 2 trains and 2 planes away

and if one more person looks through me i could disappear
it could be sweet release, but i don’t want to cry, not here

oh ladies and gentlemen
keep your luggage with you at all times
i’m 35 hours and 3 bad movies away

and if one more person coughs on me i’m gonna punch them in the face
well no not really, i’ll just hold my breath like always

so long, so far away [x2]

ladies and gentlemen
mind the gap between what i say and how i act
i’m 36 bad thoughts and 3 glad thoughts away
i wish, i wish, i wish i wasn’t travelling alone
the worst part is i can’t leave myself at home

so long, so far away [x2]

i know what i want and i know when i want it, i want it now [x4]

so long, so far away [x2]