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lirik lagu charva essentials part 2 – kav


whipping in a rental, bout to go mental
speakers are blasting out charva essentials
you don’t wanna f*ck with the k*a*v
i’m a bad boy mc, tell ’em “check my credentials”
four boys sitting in an s*line
with the beemas about so i’ve gotta take time
if them yj’s want it then i’ll make you red line
i’ma drive like stig when i hit the left side
i’m a bad boy from the west yorks region
when i’m on the mic, it’s takeover season
someone tell these mugs down south
that are jumping on charva tracks, we don’t need ’em
talking about bikes and whips and around doing bits
but the c*nts, never seen ’em
rose got the key to the big boy three*point*two diesel
that b*tch is a demon
i remember the days
we used to sk*nk out in them danny bond raves
in armani shades and a fresh skin fade
i was on the dance floor tryna cut a few shapes
out with the boys, tryna pull a few babes
jd and coke, i’m smashed out my face
and i used to live sh*t but now my life’s changed
i’ma jump on the mic and shut down the rave
this one’s for the west yorks boys
summertime, active, pulling out toys
if it’s beef then we’re pulling up in them convoys
that’s five big rammers, i like to make noise
pull up on your block, we don’t give no f*cks
yj’s wanna race

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